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Mr. Cortisone, Happy Days

"A brave work of art about human existence, painful at times humorous ... a must see."
Le Monde
"Challenges the definition of first-person film-making and redefines the borders of subjective documentary..."

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Documentary   |  US, Israel   |   2004  

85 min

Hebrew, English   

Subtitles:  English

Directors: Shlomo Shir & Duki Dror   

Producer: Duki Dror, Zygote Films Ltd.   

Script: Shlomo Shir    

Cinematography: Philippe Bellaiche

& Shlomo Shir   

Editor: Dani Itzhaki  


In the summer of 2000, Shlomi Shir was an editing assistant for my documentary “My Fantasia”. One day he asked me to stay after work to look at footage he was shooting. He was an introverted young man with a long scar on his neck. I knew little about his illness and even less about his talent. I was stunned from the first frame I saw. It wasn’t only the incredibly unique aesthetics of the shots, or the powerful subjectivity of the camera – I was taken by the transformation of this low-key man into a charismatic actor who operates in-front and behind the camera. A virtuosic camera operation choreographed with hyper-realistic drama – all in total directorial control and in a perfect sync.

It was also apparent that the camera is a weapon as well as a filter for his fears. He asked me to be his producer. I didn’t understand why he should have a producer, when his work is so totally subjective, I thought that no one should get in between. Finally I agreed to run the production, with the condition that we keep it intimate with Shlomi being a one-man band. We started to edit the film in April 2002. It was a story about a man spending one week in segregation. The story was supposed to have a happy ending – Shlomi had a newborn girl, the treatment seemed to work.

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