“A story of bravery, genious, infedelity, triumph and tragedy.” 

St. Louis Beackon

“An impressive work of art!” 


“Brilliantly illuminating Mendelsohn’s timless vision.”  

San Franciaco 7x7 Magazine

“Among the strongest of themes of a globally conscious cinema is Duki Dror's heartbreaking new documentary”
Los Angeles Times Film Review

"A poignant portrait of  the kind of cultural displacement only history can create...first rate documentary.”
Dennis Harvey, Variety

“Bruising and illuminating documentary”  

New York Times Film Review

"Riveting boxing film…raw and gripping…Outstanding film!"  

DOX Magazine

“Duki Dror employs his highly original documentary style to  reveal the painful story of his family immigration from Iraq to Israel.”
Hadassah Magazine
 “A moving and Sharp video-diary that moves in several layers, and comes to an end in aclimatic dual between the director, armed with his camera, and the father, armed with his silence.” 



Issue # 18, Summer 2019, Ran Tal interviews Duki Dror

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