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My Fantasia

"A moving and sharp video diary that moves in several layers and comes to an end in a climactic duel between the director, armed with his microphone, and the father, armed with his silence."
"Dror uses his highly original documentary style to reveal the painful story of his family's immigration to Israel and the racism of the Ashkenazi society they found there."
Hadasa Magazine

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Having been influenced by my encounter with American filmmakers in Paris, I was sucked into a first-person documentary and I started making a movie about my dad and his two brothers, My Fantasia. The 3 elderly brothers had a menorah factory, which was about to shut down. Working on this film, made me give up my life in America and return to Israel. I grew more conscious of my Mizrachi identity and I wanted to connect to it and show something about it that hadn't been said before. So, I addressed it through the story of my family, of the three brothers and the drama of their Menorah factory closing down, and the relationship between two generations, mine and my dad’s.

Documentary   |   Israel   |   2001   

54 min

Hebrew, Arabic   

Subtitles: Hebrew, English

Director: Duki Dror   

Producer: Duki Dror, Zygote Films Ltd.   

Script: Duki Dror   

Cinematography: Philippe Bellaiche & Duki Dror   

Editor: Sara Salomon  

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