Shadow in Baghdad

"A gut-wrenching documentary..."
The Baltimore Post Examiner
"The film's dialogue bridges generations ... and two countries in conflict."
The Times of Israel

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TOP 3 REFERENCES: Trainer calls the Prospects


  • Hello, may I speak to _____?
  • Hi, this is (Trainer) and (Trainee) asked me to give you a call.
  • The reason why I'm calling is because I'm considering bringing (Trainee) on board our company and I asked (Trainee) who He/She knows and respects that we can show our business to and get some feedback from.
  • We are very much a family-oriented business and we would like your support for (Trainee).
  • Would you be willing to help (Trainee) out?
Wait for an answer. PROSPECT:
  • Yes!
  • Great! Are you familiar with Zoom?
PROSPECT: Yes (if not, briefly share what use is and how to use it). TRAINER:
  • Great!
  • Would you rather for me to email or text you the Zoom invitation link?
Wait for an answer. TRAINER:
  • Looking forward to seeing you on Date and Time of the appointment).
  • What is this?
  • We are Transamerica, a firm which specializes in Financial Literacy. In other words, we share with people how money works in order to make more money, save more money and reduce debt.
  • If Yes, pass to the Zoom invitation script above.

3 GOOD QUALITIES: Trainer calls the Potential Recruits


  • Hello, may I speak to (Prospect)?
  • Hi (Prospect) the reason I am calling is because (Trainee) recently took a position with our company and because of our expansion plans, I asked them if they knew someone who would be a good addition to our firm.
  • (Trainee) mentioned your name and said you were Ambitious, Money Motivated and have great Leadership skills.
  • Is that true about you?
  • Yes
  • Great!
  • People with those qualities tend to excel with our company.
  • So based upon what (Trainee) said about you, and the respect they have for me, I figure it makes sense for us to get together and meet.
  • Are you familiar with Zoom?
  • Yes (if not, briefly share what Zoom is and how to use it).
  • What day of this week works better for you?
  • Do morning, afternoons or evenings work best for you?
Wait for an answer. TRAINER:
  • Great!
  • Looking forward to seeing you on (Date and Time of the appointment).

ETHOR: your Warm Market Inivitation Script

Once you have developed your Top 25 list, you want to contact each person as soon as possible to schedule a time to meet and share information about WFG. One method of securing an appointment to meet prospects, while taking any pressure off them, is by using this ETHOR script which stands for:

  • I am Exited
  • I am in Training
  • I need your Help
  • I value your Opinion
  • Ask for Referrals
  • I'm EXITED, because I recently started my part time business with a financial firm.
  • I am in their Training program, and I need your HELP, because I need to complete 10 training appointments this week.
  • I value your OPINION and was hoping you would help me out.
  • You will help me right?
  • Yes (Even if theyask, "What is it?", continue with the Script).
  • Are you familiar with Zoom?
  • Yes (if Not, just let them know abouth the link they will receive in their email and a very brief commentary on how it works).
  • Great! We'll be about 30 minutes, and show you everything we do, and then maybe you can help me by sending me a few referrals.
  • If nothing else, you can help me get my training out of the way.
  • Fair enough?
  • Yes.
  • Perfect! Would (this day) or (this day) be better?
  • Afternoon or evening?
  • Set a time!
  • Thanks, I'll have my trainer with me.
  • You're going to be impressed!
  • What is your best email address to send the Zoom invitation to?

BPM: your Business Presentation Meeting Invitation Script

The purpose of the call is to see if the Prospect is free at the time of the BPM. Then, invite them if they are free. If not available, pivot to schedule them to watch the 30-minute BPM recording. If they are not free, just simply say "oh, no big deal - maybe next time - have a great day". The result of the BPM is to get a New Recruit. YOU:

  • Hi, what do you have going on (mention the next BPM Day and Time).
  • Nothing, why? (Evenn if they ask, "What is it?", continue the script).
  • Perfect! Because I recently started with a financial firm and am really EXCITED!
  • I have a small Pre-Grand Opening via Zoom and would love to have you join us!
  • I respect your OPINION and I would like if you joined, so you can support me!
  • Maybe you can send me some REFERRALS down the road.
  • Great! It starts at (time).
  • Are you familiar with Zoom?
  • Yes (if not, just let them briefly know about it).
  • Would you like me to email or text you the Zoom Invitation link?
  • I only have a few openings left, so, do you see anything getting in the way of making it?
  • Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you then!

BUSINESS CARD: your casual Cold Market Script


  • Hello, my name is....
  • I have your business card in my hand and shows that you are the (Prospect's Position) at (Organization's Name).
  • Is that still your position over at (Organization's Name)?
Wait for a response. YOU:
  • Great! Our financial firm is expanding and based on you location, your background, and our company's expansion plans, I figure it makes sense to sit down and talk.
  • People from your line of work have achieved great success at our company in the past!
  • I can't guarantee you anything, but it is possible to make a 6 figure income in the first year.
  • Are you keeping your business options open?
Wait for an response. YOU:
  • What would be a good day this week for us to get together?
  • Do mornings, afternoons or evenings work best for you?
Wait for a response. YOU:
  • Great! Are you familiar with Zoom?
  • Yes (if not, just let them briefly know about it).
  • Would you like me to email or text you the Zoom invitation link?
  • Looking forward to seeing you on (Date) at (Time).



  • Good evening! My name is _______ and I would like to welcome you to Transamerica!
  • I'd especially like to welcome those of you who are joining us for the very first time.
  • I guarantee you will be very impressed with what you hear today, and your time with us will be very well spent.
  • About 40 years ago, a group of individuals had the vision to create the largest and best financial services company in the market place!
  • At that time, it seemed like an impossible task - but, I'm proud to announce that we are now recognized in the top 1% of all broker dealers based on rep size in the entire country!
  • Now, I dont say that to impress you...Rather to impress upon fast our company is growing and the tremendous business options that exist here within our firm.
  • Today you will hear who we are, what we do, and why our company's mission is so critical for you and your loved ones.
  • I believe you will hear the most amazing story in American business!
  • Our company was founded by real people, for the needs of real people!
  • And to share our company's story with you, we have today 2 highly qualified individuals taking time away from their business and their families to speak with us today!
  • The first individual comes to us from (talk about Speaker 1 professional background and edify!)
  • The second individual comes to us from (talk about Speaker 2 professional background and edify!)
  • Now, I hate to separate the crowd but, those of you visiting us for the first time, please follow (Speaker 1) to the overview room.

PASS THE PHONE: your Warm Market casual Introduction/Invitation Script


  • I don't know if you've heard that I just got started Part Time with a financial firm and my trainer asked me to call you.
  • His/Her name is (Trainer Name)and He/She is here with me now.
  • I'm going to pass the phone to Him/Her (pass the phone).
  • Hi (Prospect), just like (Trainee) said...the reason we are calling together is that (Trainee) started in our Training Program and we asked Him/Her who He/She Trusts, and Respects and your name was at the top of His/Her list.
Wait for a response.
  • (Trainee) needs to complete some Training Appointments and since we have you both on the phone, we were confident you would be able to help Him/Her out...Right?
  • What day would be best for you?
  • Time?
  • Are you familiar with Zoom?
  • Should we send you the Zoom invitation via text or email?
  • Please hold on really quick, (Trainee) wants to say "Good Bye".
  • Thanks for supporting me and my training. We are excited to see you on(Date and Time of the appointment).
Important Note: Trainer must have the Trainee's current availability schedule for the coming days/week in immediately accessible when making calls. This will allow for a prompt follow up.

This film had a strong audience in the Arab world. I feel it had a major impact, because it went out beyond Israeli borders and into the Arab world. It sparked a rare debate, in Iraq, and in the Jewish and non-Jewish Iraqi diaspora. This debate is the greatest reward for me, as I can feel the power of the documentary to touch people emotionally and intellectually. The success of any movie is founded on its ability to move people on from square one to square two.

Documentary   |   Israel, Jordan, Iraq   |   2013  

70 min

Hebrew, Arabic 

 Subtitles: Hebrew, English, Arabic

Director: Duki Dror   

Script: Galia Engelmayer Dror   

Cinematography: Philippe Bellaiche   

Editor: Chen Shelach