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Supernova | The Music Festival Massacre


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"An incredible documentary. Chilling. Poignant. Terrifying.
It allows us to understand the absolute horror of October 7th."


"The selection of images in the film is neither sensationalist nor voyeuristic; the horror unfolds organically."


n the morning of Saturday, October 7th, 2023, thousands of young Israelis, were dancing in the desert at a major international trance-music festival. At that moment, dozens of terrorists on motorcycles drove into the crowd while militants on hang gliders cut the sky. The terrorists surrounded them, blocking the roads, ambushing escaping cars, grabbing hostages, and leading them violently and triumphantly into Gaza.

This devastating massacre shocked the world with its extremely graphically violent images. The horrific scenes of hundreds of Hamas terrorists breaking through the border, fully armed, riding ISIS-like pickup trucks and motorcycles through the desert and in the streets, slaughtering, burning, raping, and kidnapping free-minded young people who came to celebrate life.


This film provides a retrospective of 24 hours at the Nova festival in Re'im through the lens of young individuals who endured the horror. The initial filming began 48 hours after the catastrophic incident, during which we documented eight partygoers. The narrative unfolds chronologically, weaving together their firsthand accounts to construct a record of the events.


52 minutes single doc

Israel   |   2024   

Hebrew  |   Subtitles: English

Directors: Yossi Bloch, Duki Dror

Script: Noam Pinchas

Editing: Dima Keidar

Cinematography: Uri Ackerman

Line Producer: Yinon Miles

Music Score: Gal Lev

Post-Production: Ali Adi

Production: Liat Kamai-Eshed

Sound Design: Michael Emet

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