"An intimate and enchanting film that peels the years off the grown-up viewer."
"A heart-rending collage of an innocent and vulnerable childhood loaded with dreams and fears ... superb!"
Makor Rishon

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A documentary poem interweaving seven parallel stories of children on their way to school and back, Sidewalk offers a glimpse into the rare moments of true independence afforded to these young schoolchildren. Along the way we witness the playful, the stressful, the cruel, the magical and the thrilling moments of this daily journey, which become a lucid voyage into the very heart of childhood.

A meditation on children's consciousness and the rite of passage between childhood and adulthood that passes in the blink of the eye, Sidewalk challenges us to grapple with questions of how we become who we are today and how any of us managed to survive the very real tribulations of childhood.

I was influenced by Joseph Campbell's books, about the story patterns of mythology; how there is actually one story that is told a million times in a million shapes. I think you can see that all of my films have a similar syntax and a similar way of looking at the characters and their journey, even if they are impressionistic films like SideWalk.

At a symbolic level, all seven characters in the film converge into one character: a child. Each child represents a particular layer of this child, created from all of them.

Documentary   |   Israel   |   2007   

57 min

Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish   

Subtitles: English

Director: Duki Dror   

Producers: Yael Shavit and Roni Izhak   

Script: Galia Engelmayer Dror   

Cinematography: Philippe Bellaiche   

Editor: Hadara Oren   

Original Score: Haim Frank Ilfman