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A General's Story


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Michael Levi wakes up and marches out for his daily routine dressed up as a Lieutenant-General.  He is a flower-shop deliveryman, living a military routine in his own mind. Michael is the only civilian in Israel who can disguise as an army officer by a court decision. Somewhere down the road he has lost his own identity.  Following Michael’s routine we discover the story of a man who went through a complex absorption process as a Moroccan immigrant, grew up in a conflict zone by Israel’s Northern border and has experienced a traumatic terror attack. Michael lives in an imaginary world, but when his son’s Bar-Mitzvah comes up, he becomes a sober, protective and loving father…until a terror attack hits again. A film about fatherhood, manhood and loss of identity in a militaristic and power-driven society that is constantly under threat.

Documentary   |   Israel   |   2005   

48 min


Subtitles: English

Director: David Habler   

Producers: Duki Dror & Yael Shavit   

Cinematography: Ran Rosen,

Keinan Tarbush, Philippe Bellaiche   

Editor: Kobi Nethanel   

Original Score: Amir Ya'akobi

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