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The Cassandra Prophecy

"A fascinating, frightening experience that is hard to take your eyes off."

"This important in-depth series opens a wide scope on secret operations"

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    The three Darwish brothers, who immigrated from Iraq to Israel in the 50’s, established the family factory “Fantasia” - a menorah factory. For a time period of 50 years they designed, manufactured and shipped Chanukah menorahs for the entire world and now…the family factory is about to close down. From this point in time, the director, who is the son of the youngest brother, is starting to embark on a journey that unravels the history of his family, going back 100 years. The story weaves memories from Iraq and Israel - two homelands, two languages, two identities, two enemies. The director is trying to reconstruct the narrative of his family, a narrative that has disappeared in the silence and shame that followed the family move to Israel. The father’s silence is finally broken by the director’s relentless inquiries, which reveal a story about 5 lost years of his father in the Iraqi prison. It is a diary film shot over a period of 10 years.

Has Hezbollah become the biggest drugs and money-laundering cartel in the world in the trade-off for the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Project Cassandra is one of the most intriguing untold stories in recent years. This was a series of global operations, led by the U.S. Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA), targeting drug trafficking and money laundering activity carried out by Hezbollah and Iranian operatives. Eight years into Cassandra, all operations were mysteriously stopped, close to the signing of the JCPOA nuclear agreement with Iran in July 2015. This story was sealed off from the press until DEA special agent Jack Kelly began to speak.

Kelly, along with other DEA agents, researchers, and journalists, walk us through the drugs and money laundering ratlines between Latin America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East and its connection to global terror and wars. The Cassandra Prophecy takes us behind the scene of Project Cassandra and to the parallel diplomatic conundrum around the JCPOA Deal. It reveals the dark side of diplomacy and the prices we pay for international agreements with terror-sponsored states. Was the most extensive law-enforcement narco-terror operation in a decade compromised to pave the way for the sake of the nuclear deal with Iran?

Today, at the same time as The Cassandra Prophecy is released, world leaders are grappling with the geo-political repercussions of a renewed nuclear deal with Iran. And yes, this doc is stranger than fiction and more exciting by far…

Documentary series 3 x 50 minutes /

90 minutes single doc

Germany, Israel   |   2022   

English, Arabic, Hebrew, French 

Subtitles: Arabic, Hebrew, English

Director / Producer: Duki Dror

Producer: Reinhardt Beetz, Gebrueder beetz Filmproduktion, Paul Cadieux, Filmoption

Editorial Producer: Dana Wolfe

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