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Lebanon: Borders of Blood



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For decades Lebanon has been the epicentre of international unrest. This ambitious project is about the ongoing bloody wars that have plagued the country since the mid-1970s and until today, and how disastrous decisions shaped the destiny of millions in the region, and around the world. For the first time, over 100 interviewees from ALL sides of the conflict in Lebanon, are telling their personal story that intertwine with the historical events.

The author and historian Barbara Tuchman, in her groundbreaking text “The March of Folly,” reviews a series of historical occurrences she sees as clearly leading to disastrous consequences. It is apparent that what led to the tragedy of Lebanon was created by a March of Follies of the Israelis, the Palestinians, the Americans, and of course, the Lebanese. This series deals not only with documentation of events in the decades-long conflict, but also with the system of considerations and the relations between the political and military echelons, between the various intelligence systems and the political machine, as well as international interests influencing operational decisions and the ultimate cost paid by the soldiers and civilians in blood. Will the leaders in 2020’s learn the lessons of the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s?

Documentary series 5 x 50 minutes /

90 minutes single doc

Germany, Israel   |   2020   

English, Arabic, Hebrew, French 

Subtitles: Arabic, Hebrew, English

Director: Duki Dror

Senior Editor: Itay Landsberg-Nevo   

Editorial Producer: Dana Wolfe

Producer: Liat Kamai Eshed  

Editor: Gal Goffer     

Executive Producers: Duki Dror, Reinhardt Beetz   

Original Score: Frank Ilfman