There are no Lions in Tel Aviv


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When is it good time to visit Nepal for trekking, Expedition and Tours?

In terms of weather and season, the best time to visit Nepal for trekkking is from the month of March till May ( Spring season). And mid of September to December ( Autumn season). June till August is usually monsson in Nepal which makes travellling difficult. January and Febuary are considered the coldest months of the year in Nepal. For Expeditions, Spring season is best for climbing the mountains. Some selective mountains like Ama Dablam and peak climbing is good for the Autumn climb. For Touring for places like Pokhara and Chitwan, winter is the best time to visit when the temperatures are pleasant and there are less tourist to enjoy the clamess and beauty of these places.

How can SKA-adventures help me with my adventures in Nepal?

We start with answering all your inquiries though emails and video calls. We help you get phycially and mentally prepared for your trip. We help to budget your trip. We help you get sorted with your needed gears for your trips. We prepare all your needed documents for your trekking, expediton and tour. ( Necessary Permits, garbage deposit and national park fee). We arrange all your airport pick up and drops. We arrage your hotels and all logistics during your trip. Necessary Licensed Trekking guide and supporting staff are provided by SKA. We help you customize your trip thats suits your holoday duration and program. We help to takecare of all your necessary details while your travel in Nepal.

How do I get my VISA for Nepal?

For most nationalities, you can get your visa on arrival in Kathmandu. It takes around 45 minutes and is the most convenient way to get your visa. You can also apply for a visa in advance from a local Nepali consulate in your country if you'd like to have everything arranged in advance. For online visa and more information, we have attached the link below.

What is the best way to reach SKA Adventures?

We are available on our email We are promt with our responses during the working hours. Please email your inquries and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can directly contact us on 00977-9818261003

I am very attracted to people or topics that no one else will deal with. Unnamed, unknown heroes. People who have had or are having a very big impact but which no one notices, or topics that are not commonly dealt with. In There are No Lions in Tel Aviv (2019), I reveal the story of Rabbi Shorenstein, from Denmark. Perhaps everyone knew about the Tel Aviv Zoo, but most people have not heard the story of the man behind it. A man, who loved animals and had a dream to build a zoo, which he fulfilled, but from which he was later cruelly expelled. I'm attracted to these stories of dreamers, who have to fight against the establishment to fulfill their dream. It's something within me, the ground is unsafe, unsteady. You have to be on the move all the time. You are constantly in motion. This is how I perceive my characters, they all are going through some kind of journey.

The film is a trip back to my childhood experience in Tel Aviv, on the rooftops above the city, right behind the zoo, that’s where my playground was. And that’s where I could have some space alone, away from my family. A space for contemplation.

Documentary   |   Israel   |   2019  

63 min


Subtitles: English

Director: Duki Dror   

Producer: Liat Kamai Eshed 

Script: Duki Dror & Carmit Sapir Weitz   

Cinematography: Ron Katzenelson 

Editor: Ron Goldman   

Music: Frank Ilfman