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Inside the Mossad (The Movie)

"A compelling documentary that unmasks the human faces behind Israel’s legendary intelligence agency"
The Times of Israel
"Inside the Mossad, Duki Dror’s fascinating yet troubling film about Mossad"
Modern Times Review

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Many times, something that you see or hear intrigues you, so you start digging a little and suddenly you find a story that you must tell. And then you find yourself invested in a project for years, which was only begun by chance, innocent and unintentional curiosity. That's how it was with the Mossad series.

All of the Mossad's spies are unnamed heroes and this is what attracts me to a project. So, obviously I wanted to make it. I also realized that there has never been a series about the psychological apparatus of Mossad agents, which is of course a “sexy” subject. In retrospect, the idea to make a series like this, encouraging more than twenty Mossad agents, who live in the shadows, to talk in front of a camera, was quite naive. There was a certain kind of innocence and lack of awareness of what it meant and how complex it would be. But it worked out in the end. From the material we shot, we made a ninety-minute film and a four-episode series. The film was screened on Arte Germany and France successfully. When it aired on HOT8, it became the most watched series they ever had. Then Netflix bought it and brought it to viewers everywhere in the world.

Documentary   |   Israel   |   2018  

90 min


Subtitles: Hebrew, English

Director: Duki Dror   

Producers: Liat Kamai Eshed,

Reinhardt Beetz, Duki Dror   

Script: Yossi Melman, Chen Shelach,

Duki Dror   

Cinematography: Ron Katzenelson   

Editor: Dror Yaakobovitz   

Original Music: Tom Darom, Assa Raviv  

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